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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Notes from the Field

Each week our missionaries write a short letter to the President and share some of their experiences. Here are a few excerpts from this week. First a note from a pair of hermanas:
On Thursday we had an amazing contacting experience. We stopped two young women on the street to invite them to our English classes, which will be starting this week. They asked, "Are you from a church or something?" We explained that we are missionaries and they said, "Good! We want to change our lives but we don´t know how! Our parents drink and smoke and go out dancing and we don´t want to do that anymore, but we need someone to help us. Everyone in this world has an angel, and we think you have been sent from heaven to help us." We told them about the Book of Mormon and that we are so excited to teach them about Jesus Christ and help them change their lives.

Here is another note from a different pair of missionaries:
[We have an investigator who] is French and 60 years old. She was a reference from a less active member whom we gave service to. She is truly a miracle. In the first lesson, we had the first counselor accompany us and, as we taught the message of the restoration, we saw amazing things occur. The spirit was very strong during the cita and many times I remember her saying, "Oh that makes sense!" or "Now I understand that!" It was wonderful. So we gave her a Book of Mormon in French at the end of the lesson. The next lesson we had, because of traveling and time schedules, was 5 days later. We felt impressed that we should do a review of the restoration, with a focus on the Book of Mormon. It was great. When we asked her if she had read the introduction like we had asked she responded, "Sí." She opened up her Book of Mormon and said, "I Love to read and this book is powerful. I read more than you had assigned me." Long story short, she had read through Mosiah 25 and absolutely loved it. My companion and I couldn’t believe it! We asked if she had questions or if she had something she wanted to talk about. She said, "Sí,There is one thing I would like to say. This book is good. I was thinking the whole time while I was reading that if the world would just read this book, and apply it, they would be happy!"
And finally, a short comment from a pair of elders:
So a girl walked in to church and asked to be baptized. Yah! How often does that happen?
As it turns out, it happens quite often! This is a work of miracles!

Some of our miracle workers: Elders Worthen, Raban, Paolinelli and Ramirez


  1. I LOVE miracle stories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! That French sister was obviously prepared for the missionaries. That story brought tears to my eyes. If only we that have the Book of Mormon would read so diligently.