The lighthouse at Formentor, Mallorca

The background shows sidewalk tiles - "rajoles" - that pave the sidewalks throughout Barcelona. They were designed by architect Puig i Cadafalch for the entryway of a home. Since 1915, they have been used by the city to pave sidewalks, and have become emblematic of the city. One of the city's most famous chocolatiers, Enric Rovira, produces chocolate bars in the shape and design of these tiles.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adios, Adeu, Agur, Farewell!

No words can express how we feel as we conclude our service in the Spain Barcelona Mission. It has been an incredible three years, filled with more miracles than we ever imagined. We love every missionary we had the privilege of serving with, and we pray that their future will always be bright as they go forward to build the Kingdom. We love the members and the local leaders - their faith and diligence is an inspiration. We are excited to see the Church continue to grow in this remarkable and beautiful land. And we love the new converts whose faith is growing.

We are excited for Presidente and Sister Pace and for all they will do for the mission and for the missionaries. The are the right people at the right time. We are thrilled that they have been called and received this very special assignment to lead the Spain Barcelona Mission and know we are leaving the mission in great hands - they will accomplish great miracles in the work here and will do things that we could not do. We love the way the Lord works!

In the words of one of the great Spanish hymns:

¡Oh hermanos, adios, pues, adios!
El momento de ir vino ya.
Si guardamos el fe en el gran Dios
Nos veremos aún más allá.

Keep the light of el faro burning bright! Adios, adeu, agur, farewell. ¡Hasta ver!

Clark and Kathleen Hinckley


  1. Boo hoo! This made me cry. Suddenly it feels like three years went by much too quickly. Onward, ever onward!

  2. Thank you for having this blog. As a former missionary of the Spain Barcelona mission (I arrived 19 years ago next month), I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the work moving forth. (And seeing Archie in a few pictures). Thank you and God bless.

  3. I, too, am a former missionary in the Spain Barcelona mission (I started in Oct. 97) and have so enjoyed keeping up with it through your blog. 2 of my 3 areas are now in the Malaga mission, but the little peeks of Valencia (my first area) have so made me happy! Thank you for serving and thank you for sharing.

  4. Yes, three years went by much too quickly. Let the lower lights be burning! Send a gleam across the wave! Muchas gracias and besos and see you in a few days!

  5. My mom served this mission 20 years ago. She meet my dad there, and converted him. Today they have 7 children together and live in Sandy, Utah. I am SO greatful for sister missionaries. My dad's whole side of the family live there and own bakeries, resturants, and lend out property to the church for missionaries to stay in. Please serve them!
    Brenna Martinez

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