The lighthouse at Formentor, Mallorca

The background shows sidewalk tiles - "rajoles" - that pave the sidewalks throughout Barcelona. They were designed by architect Puig i Cadafalch for the entryway of a home. Since 1915, they have been used by the city to pave sidewalks, and have become emblematic of the city. One of the city's most famous chocolatiers, Enric Rovira, produces chocolate bars in the shape and design of these tiles.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturdays in Barcelona

Saturday is the best day in the mission, as most baptisms take place on Saturday. Every baptism is a miracle, and it is always an inspiring event to attend a baptism service and watch someone receive this sacred ordinance.

This afternoon in the Barcelona 2nd Ward, Hno. Chau and his wife, Hna. Diaz, were baptized. Elders Keller and Sommerfeldt has seen Hna. Diaz on the sidewalk carrying groceries home and offered to help her with her bags. Two and half weeks later she and her husband were baptized. Their children and siblings attended the service, and we are praying that more members of this wonderful family will accept the gospel!

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  1. Acabo de leer la lista de vocabulario y tengo un favorito que no está....judías verdes. Cuando Elder Booher tenía dos años, vivíamos en Mérida, Mexico. La primera vez que fui al super, mi vecina me acompañó. Ya que toda la comida se llama diferente, tuve que describir la cosa y ella me diría como se llama. Cuando dije judías verdes y empecé a describirlas, se rió tanto, imaginando como las judías se hacen verdes y si a sus esposos les gustan así.

    Muchas gracias por un sitio muy informativo. Aunque serví la misión en España,Sevilla, hay mucho que es diferente en la zona del este y norte. Disfruto mucho de leer el blog.