The lighthouse at Formentor, Mallorca

The background shows sidewalk tiles - "rajoles" - that pave the sidewalks throughout Barcelona. They were designed by architect Puig i Cadafalch for the entryway of a home. Since 1915, they have been used by the city to pave sidewalks, and have become emblematic of the city. One of the city's most famous chocolatiers, Enric Rovira, produces chocolate bars in the shape and design of these tiles.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"We Need a Miracle"

 Our missionaries often teach investigators who are not married. In many cases, these are couples who have lived together for an extended period of time and are raising a family, but local laws make it difficult and expensive to obtain a legal marriage, especially if one of the individuals is an immigrant.

One of our zone leaders was doing an exchange with another Elder this week. As they were walking towards the home of a prospective investigator, the missionary told the zone leader that this couple would probably get baptized if they could just get married. But knowing how difficult and time-consuming it would be for the couple to get a marriage license, he was not hopeful. As they approached the front door the missionary said to the zone leader, "We need a miracle."

They rang the bell and woman answered the door in her wedding gown - they had just been married two hours earlier!

"Ask and ye shall receive."

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